Sponsorship Opportunities for Music Festival (2020)

Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
Sponsorship Opportunities for Music Festival (2020)

The Association has maintained its interest and activities in the training and educational side of speech and music-making for the young people in Hong Kong. Currently, many prizes have been introduced for the Festivals, including bringing winners the opportunity of scholarships for overseas exchange and training. Winners’ concerts and recitals will be organized every year for staging the young performers to the community. Plans are also in hand to collaborate with different arts organizations so as to provide platforms for the youth to enhance their artistic level. However, the Festivals are part only for the picture of what the Association is trying to achieve, with welcome support from the government, the media, schools principals and teachers, and many other members of the community who share our common interest in the cultural welfare of the young people of Hong Kong.

1. Highlights of Sponsorship Opportunities for the 72nd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2020)

We sincerely invite organizations and individuals to support the Music Festival in the following aspects:

  1. Plaque or Trophy (please click here and download the specification)
  2. Cash prize
  3. Venue hiring (instrument rental and tuning services will be included)
  4. Adjudicator remuneration
  5. Administration expenses
  6. Overseas performance or competition for winners of specific classes
  7. Festival expenses such as Opening Reception, lectures and workshops
  8. Flight tickets, boarding charges and accommodation for overseas adjudicators

The sponsorship items comply with the class-oriented sponsorship packages in the following ways:

Music Festival (2020) Solo / Duo Class* Ensemble Class* Group Class* Scholarship Class
Plaque HK$150 (each group of Solo Class)
HK$300 (each group of Duo Class)
Trophy HK$300 (each group of Solo Class)
HK$600 (each group of Duo Class)
(each group)
(each group)
(each group)
Cash Prize Open
Venue Hiring HK$3,200 (each group) HK$3,700 (each group) HK$4,800 (each group) HK$3,200 (each group)
Title Sponsor# Please contact the Association
* Each competition class generates groups in different districts. For details, please click “List of Sponsorship Opportunity”.
The sponsorship of trophies for the Scholarship Class including all three awards of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the class. The production cost of trophies includes all three awards of each group.
# i. Average venue hiring cost based on the number of groups from the previous years will be proposed for title sponsor.
ii. Title Sponsor may choose to contribute the trophies for the championship in Solo / Duo Class, Ensemble Class and Group Class, or all three awards including 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any classes.

Organizations / individuals have the option to support the above items for 1 year or 3 years duration. The commitment duration of Title Sponsorship is 1 year.

The remaining balance of the sponsorship for specific class will be used for the production of pennants, administration expenses and development of the class.

2. Sponsorship Level

These are the packages that are available at the sponsor level listed below.

‘SOLO’ Sponsor – to sponsor any one item from A, B or C listed in Point 1.
‘DUO’ Sponsor – to sponsor any two items from A, B or C listed in Point 1.
‘TRIO’ Sponsor – to sponsor all three items A, B and C listed in Point 1.
Title Sponsor – an overall contribution covering the cost of items A, B, C, D and E listed in Point 1.
3. Sponsor Perspectives
Benefits during the Year(s) of the Sponsorship SOLO DUO TRIO Title Sponsor
Name listed in sponsor list and prize list on the HKSMSA website and printed materials
Acknowledgement listed on the Syllabus on-line for sponsored classes
Prize-winners’ Concert tickets
Free advertisement placement on the printed Syllabus 1 page 3 pages
Sponsor’s name on class title
To be invited as prize presenting guest in the sponsored classes

We have several sponsorship opportunities this year, something for everyone. To become our partner of the Hong Kong’s most enriching educational activity, one of the largest of its kind in the world, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Download the “List of Sponsorship Opportunity” and select the class
  2. Download and fill out the Sponsorship Form
  3. Send us the Sponsorship Form by fax (2761 9995) or by email sponsor@hksmsa.org.hk

The Association will send you the confirmation and follow up with you for the details.

Close of Application: 6 June 2019

For any other forms of support, you are most welcome to contact us at (852) 2761 3877 or email us at sponsor@hksmsa.org.hk to discuss.