Special Notice (1) – Special Arrangement for 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2020) due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant impact to our daily lives and widespread event cancellations and postponements. As an organiser of a large-scale inter-school annual event involving over 100,000 students, the Association will ensure that the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival is safely held along with appropriate standard of hygiene. This is a highly dynamic situation and the Association will continue to adapt and adjust as appropriate. It is our primary concern to provide our students, adjudicators both local and overseas, and supporting staff the safest possible environment for competitions. As such, some special arrangements are set up for this year’s Speech Festival. We state the following points for schools’ early consideration and preparation before making entries.

  • For this year’s Speech Festival, only Solo / Duo classes would be held. Such arrangement is made to minimise the gathering of large number of students of the same school during practices and from different schools during the competitions.
  • For live performances, the maximum number of competitors grouped in a class would be 35. Appropriate measures would also be implemented to control the number of people accompanying the students in the competitions and admitting to the venues.
  • Any persons entering the competition venues should keep their masks on and follow the health advice from the Government at that time.
  • Any persons entering the competition venues should follow all the guidelines and measures implemented by the Association and the competition venues.
  • If EDB announces school suspension because of health reasons, the live activities of Speech Festival will be cancelled.

The Association is also directing its efforts in exploring measures, including postponing the competitions and devising channels for the competitions to be held remotely, to ensure the best outcome for all parties under multiple external restrictions and threats. The decision to proceed, restrict, or modify the Festivals will be based on availability of resources and ongoing event-specific risk assessment. We implore your understanding to our concerns and we assure that the contingencies, if any, will only be in exercised in the most prudent manner.

Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
July 2020