74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2022) (Chinese Speech)

74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2022) (Chinese Speech)
Enrolment Information
2022-08-19 Syllabus
2022-08-19 Rules and Regulations
2022-08-19 List of Universities and Post-secondary Institutes Eligible to Enter the Speech Festival (Rules and Regulations Annex 1)
2022-08-19 Important Dates to be Noted (Rules and Regulations Annex 2)
2022-08-19 Age Calculator
2022-08-19 On-line Enrolment System (OES) User Guide for Competitors
2022-08-31 On-line Enrolment System (OES) – Step-by-step Tutorial Videos (Competitors)
2022-10-14 Latest! Syllabus Amendments
Preparation for Festival
2022-08-24 Frequently Asked Questions
2022-10-06 Video Shooting Tips
2022-11-02 Latest! Entry Form Receipts and Competition Notification (Member’s Login Required)
2022-11-02 Latest! Pre-competition Reminder
2022-11-07 Latest! Technical Support Centre Registration
2022-11-10 Latest! Competition Grouping Arrangement – Revised Version
2022-11-11 Video Submission Form (Ended)
2022-11-11 Video Submission Record Enquiry (End)
2022-11-25 Latest! Procedure to upload to YouTube
Result Announcement
2023-02-10 Competition Result (For Members only)
2023-02-10 Overall Comment of the Group
Others / Forms
2022-06-08 Notice of Re-issuance of Certificates / Prizes (Trophy, Plaque, Pennant)
2022-06-27 Mark Sheet, Pennant and Certificate Collection for the 73rd Speech Festival
2022-08-09 Circulars to Members (Member’s Login Required)
2022-08-19 Important Dates to be Noted
2022-08-19 Trophies and Prizes to be Awarded
2022-08-22 Entry Form for Universities/ Post-secondary Students (Chinese Speech) (Ended)
2022-08-22 Download Own Choice Form (OC Form)
2022-08-22 Own Choice Form and Piece Submission (Ended)
2022-09-06 Chinese Speech Workshop for Teachers (Chinese Version Only) (Members Only) (Ended)
2022-10-25 Alteration Form
2022-11-03 Latest! Acknowledgements
2022-11-10 Latest! Biography of Adjudicators
2022-11-10 Latest! Messages from Adjudicators