Special Notice (1) – Special Arrangement for 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2021) due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The epidemic situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong is still serious and various strict epidemic control measures are still in place. Experts have suggested that the pandemic may extend beyond 2020, while we understand that the operation schedule of schools has been substantially affected. After careful assessment and consideration on the situation, the Association decided to make changes to the 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival as follows:

  • Video Submission Mode

    After consulting the Education Bureau and representatives of school sectors, the Association will replace live performances in the Music Festival by a “Video Submission Mode”, with adjudicators adjudicating videos of students’ performances to ensure safe participation for students, teachers, parents and adjudicators (local and overseas).
  • Class Arrangement

    Only Solo and Duo classes will be held while Group classes will be cancelled in 2021. Such arrangement is to minimise the gathering of a large number of students during practices and competitions. We sincerely hope for your understanding on this decision.

As the mode of the Music Festival is changed, the Association will set out the Rules and Regulations dedicated for the new mode. Details of the Rules and Regulations will be released on the Association website by early October 2020.

The new Music Festival Syllabus is available on the Association website. Please note that the Class requirements of some Classes will be adjusted due to the Video Submission Mode.

Due to the pandemic, the enrolment of the 73rd Music Festival will be delayed to November 2020 to allow members more time to handle matters on enrolment. Furthermore, the schedule of the Festival events will be adjusted under the “Video Submission Mode”. Please refer to “Important Dates to be Noted” on the Association website for details.

Although the future is uncertain, the Association strives to organise the Music Festival through the new format. We hope you will understand and do your best to assist the students to take part in the Festival, so that they still have the opportunity to perform as well as benefit from the whole process.