Procedure of uploading video and video URL submission (Updated on 24 February 2021)

Important Note:
The language of YouTube in the demonstration videos is set as English (UK). Procedures or wordings may vary among different models of electronic devices.

Detailed Procedures Latest!
Demo Videos
Only Desktop Version Available
Demo Video 1 – Sign in your YouTube Account
Demo Video 2 – Create your channel (Applicable to new users who have never uploaded any video to YouTube before)
Demo Video 3 – Verify your Google Account and select the video files to be uploaded (Applicable to uploading videos longer than 15 minutes)
Demo Video 4 – Select the video file to be uploaded (Applicable to users who already have a channel, new users who have never uploaded videos to YouTube before please refer to Demo Video 2 to create your channel)
Demo Video 5 – Complete the uploading procedure
Demo Video 6 – Copy the video link
Demo Video 7 – Another way to copy the video link (if necessary)
Demo Video (Google Drive)