Guidance Notes of “Video Submission Mode” (Rules and Regulations Annex 7)

Index:Procedures for Submission | Specification of Video | Announcement of Result | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Changes to Specific Classes

The 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2020) will be run by “Video Submission Mode”. This Annex contains the guidance notes of “Video Submission Mode”. Members / competitors should read and observe the Rules and Regulations including Annexes 1-7, except those that are only applicable for live competitions.

  1. All Rules and Regulations are applicable in “Video Submission Mode”. There is no change to the procedure of enrolment and the method in grouping for each competition. Adjudicators will adjudicate the videos according to the existing judging criteria. There is no change to the scheme of awards and marks.
  2. Competitors are required to video-record their performance and upload the video to designated platform. They will submit the video URL by completing an on-line Video Submission Form.
  3. When competitors video-record their performance, they should follow the requirements in Section 3 of the Rules and Regulations. There are changes to the rules for some classes and they are listed in Section 5 of this Annex.
  4. Competitors must strictly observe the procedures for submission, the submission period and the specification of video stipulated in this Annex in submitting the video URL. Any non-conformance may result in different penalties.
  5. Competitors should read the updated Annex 2 “Important Dates to be Noted (Video Submission Mode)” as at 4 August 2020. (Annex 2 was last updated on 29 September 2020)
  6. The performer(s) in the video must be the person(s) who entered the competition. Competitors failing to comply will be disqualified.
  7. If any dispute arises, the Association reserves the right to make the final decision.

  1. Procedures for Submission
    1. Uploading Video
      1. Upload the video to YouTube and set it as “Unlisted”. Name the video title according to the prescribed format (Reference number – Name). Please refer to the “Video Uploading and Submission of Video URL Procedures (Desktop / Mobile)”.
    2. Submitting On-line Video Submission Form
      1. After uploading the video to YouTube, retrieve the URL of the video, and fill out and submit the designated on-line “Video Submission Form” (Form). This Form will be available on the Association website ( from 10:00 a.m. on 16 November 2020. It is not acceptable if the submission is via other video platforms or means of submission.
      2. Each submission of the Form can only be used to submit the video URL and related information for ONE entry. If one competitor is entered for more than one class, please submit the Form separately.
      3. Those who have successfully submitted the Form will receive a confirmation email. Receipt of a confirmation email does not mean the Association confirms the submission meeting the entry requirements. The confirmation email includes a copy of the submitted information.
      4. Members / competitors must make sure all of the following are correct:
        1. (i) The Reference Number and the Validation Code filled in the Form must match that on the Competition Notification (CN). Otherwise, the Association reserves the right of not processing the submission record.
        2. (ii) The video URL submitted must match with the competitor and class entered (for example, when one competitor is submitting video URL for more than one entry, when one member is submitting video URL for different competitors etc.) The Association reserves the right of not adjudicating the concerned videos if the records do not match.
        3. (iii) All the information in the confirmation email is correct, including the Name of competitor, Reference Number, Validation Code and the video URL. If any error is found, please re-submit within the submission period.
      5. If the Form is re-submitted, the Association will take the information from the last successful submission (See 1.2.4(i)) as final.
      6. Competitors must ensure the video URL is accessible before 5 February 2021 so as to allow adjudication.
      7. If the video cannot be played during the period of adjudication, regardless of reasons, the competitors will not receive any comments, marks (grades) or certificates. The Association will not inform the individuals if such case arises.
    3. Submission Period
      1. The period of submission of the Form is from 16 November (10:00 a.m.) to 30 November (5:00 p.m.).
      2. Please reserve time for uploading the video and submitting the Form to avoid heavy upload traffic. The submission time is based on that of the Association server. Any late submission, regardless of reasons, will not be accepted.
    4. Technical Support
      1. If competitors have questions about video shooting, they can first read the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” available on the Association website, the “Specification of Video” (See 2.1-2.5) or consult member that enters them to the competitions.
      2. Please refer to the “Video Uploading and Submission of Video URL Procedures (Desktop / Mobile)”.
      3. The Association will set up “Technical Support Centre” to assist competitors to upload the video and complete the Form. Competitors who need this service can find further details and make prior booking on the Association website. The services provided at these service centres are subject to the health instructions and restrictions given by the government and the measurements taken at individual venues. If the Association cannot provide such service or have to adjust the service available, the Association is not liable to any compensation.
  2. Specification of Video
    1. Competitors should follow the below order in recording the video:
      • (i) Announce their name, the title of the piece and the author of the piece
      • (ii) Perform the whole piece once (Applicable to specific Chinese speech classes – If there are two pieces of material assigned for the same class, they must be recorded in the same video).
    2. If competitor(s) perform the same piece repeatedly in a video, only the first performance will be adjudicated.
    3. Competitors will be disqualified if they fail to comply with the below:
      1. The video must be a single shot video footage. No special effects are permitted, such as adding soundtracks, audio, pictures, text, filters, transitions, colour adjustments, light adjustments, subtitles or special effects etc. No editing or post-production are permitted.
      2. The video must be recorded live and no dubbing is permitted.
    4. Competitors’ marks will be affected if they do not observe the below:
      1. The audio and video should synchronise and the sound quality is clear and smooth.
      2. The resolution of the video is 720p(1280×720) or above.
      3. The shooting should be done indoor with a simple background and sufficient light. The recording environment should be quiet.
      4. The entire video must clearly show the competitor’s full body, appearance and actions.
      5. When shooting, the camera should be stable without any camera movement.
    5. Wearing a mask during recording may affect the performance. The Association encourages competitors to shoot at home or other safe environment without the mask on. Competitors should take the responsibility of assessing their own health risk and follow the health advice from the Government at that time.
  3. Announcement of Result
    Members can download their students’ results from 5 February 2021 onwards. Member
    must bring along their valid original membership cards to collect the mark sheets and pennants (if any) at the Association from the same date. University / Post-secondary students who have entered the Festival on their own must bring their student ID cards to the Association to collect their mark sheets from the aforesaid date onwards. All unclaimed mark sheets will be destroyed before the commencement of the next Speech Festival.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    For any enquiries on the “Video Submission Mode”, please visit the “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” on the Association website.
  5. Changes to Specific Classes
    1. Prose Reading Classes (U/E/K/Y 158-175)
      An extract from the set pieces will be announced on the Association website from 10:00 a.m. on 2 November 2020. Competitors should video-record the extract accordingly.
    2. Public Speaking Solo Classes (N195-196)
      No Question & Answer session will be held for these classes. Competitors are only required to present their prepared speech in the video.
    3. Chinese Speech Classes: Nil