72nd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2020) – Special Notice

Special Notice

In view of recent mass activities in various districts, the Association would like to draw your attention to the arrangements of the Music Festival. Please also pass on the following message to teachers, students and their parents.

  • Please consider the current social situation before enrolling. The 72nd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival has been scheduled from 24 February to 25 March 2020. Enrolment of the Festival will proceed as scheduled (please refer to our website or Syllabus of Music Festival for the dates of enrolment).
  • During the Festival period, should there be any unpredictable social events, the Association will have to cancel specific groups or even all classes for the safety of participants. Under such circumstances, no alternative arrangement or refund of the entry fees will be made. Please refer to the announcement on the website of the Association (www.hksmsa.org.hk) in due course.
  • If the Festival is held as scheduled, teachers, students and parents should first consider their own safety in whatever cases, and decide whether to proceed to or stay at the event venues.