The new President of the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association

The Association hereby announces that, Professor Gabriel M. Leung, Dean of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, is the new President of the Association with effect from 1 July 2020.

Prof. Leung was the first Under Secretary for Food and Health and the fifth Director of the Chief Executive’s Office. He was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star by the Government for his distinguished service in protecting and promoting public health.

In addition to his contribution to the medical profession, Prof. Leung also dedicates himself to performing arts. He has conducted various orchestras, as well as serving in the Board of Governors in the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. We are honoured to have Prof. Leung joining the Association, in which his leadership will surely help the Association to progress further in arts education.

A message from Prof. Leung to the Association members and students:

“After medicine, music is my greatest passion and I am deeply humbled to have become President of the Association. Music is a universal language and in these unusual and challenging times, it has a special power to unite and uplift our souls. Similarly, the art of elocution has special relevance for promoting clear and effective communication, which has become more critical than ever.

As your new President, a former participant in both the music and speech festivals and a teacher, I look forward to inspiring and being inspired by the talents of Hong Kong’s students, whether that be through online engagement or in person. For now, keep practising! Your skills will soon be on show.”

The Association would like to ask its members in giving our new President Prof. Leung a very warm welcome and wishing him all the best for a wonderful tenure.