Rules and Regulations

  • In the 75th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, the Association would hold all Solo / Duo Classes, with a small amount of Group Classes. For Group Classes, marks and placing will not be awarded. Competing teams will be awarded a Gold, Silver, Bronze Award certificate, or without a certificate.
  • Competitions would be held in “Mixed Mode*”. Some Advanced Solo / Duo and Scholarship Classes with a lower risk of disease spreading (i.e. competitors can wear masks and keep appropriate social distance in the competition venue during the performance) would be held in “Live Competition Mode (LCM)”, while others would be held in “Video Submission Mode (VSM)” as last year for safety principle.
  • For some classes, there are requirements and details given in the class description of the Syllabus. Such information is also an integral part of the Rules and Regulations which members / competitors must also take note of and observe.

*Subject to the Government’s anti-epidemic regulations at the time, the “Live Competition Mode” may change to the “Video Submission Mode”. Details please refer to Rules and Regulations – Live Competition Mode (LCM) Point 7.2 & 7.3.