It is the members' responsibility to collect the certificates for their student who participated in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.

  1. To do so, members must first make an on-line reservation using the table down below and set a specific date to collect the certificates.
  2. One reservation would cover both the Chinese Speech certificates and the English Speech certificates. There is no need to make separate reservations. When a reservation is made, remember to print out and keep your printed confirmation slip.
  3. Members must collect the certificates at the Association. On the day members collect the certificates, they must submit the confirmation slip and present the valid original membership card to the Association staff. Please remember to bring a large envelope for the certificates.
Please also note that members must take their initiative to make the reservation. Late collection, if permitted, is subject to a handling fee. Reservation and collection by individual competitors are not entertained.

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Collection Date  
27-Mar-2019 (Wed) Full
28-Mar-2019 (Thu) Full
29-Mar-2019 (Fri) Full
01-Apr-2019 (Mon) Full
02-Apr-2019 (Tue) Full
03-Apr-2019 (Wed) Full
04-Apr-2019 (Thu) Full
08-Apr-2019 (Mon) Full
09-Apr-2019 (Tue) Full
10-Apr-2019 (Wed) Quota Left: 30 [Reserve Now]
11-Apr-2019 (Thu) Quota Left: 41 [Reserve Now]
12-Apr-2019 (Fri) Quota Left: 37 [Reserve Now]
15-Apr-2019 (Mon) Quota Left: 38 [Reserve Now]
16-Apr-2019 (Tue) Quota Left: 39 [Reserve Now]
17-Apr-2019 (Wed) Quota Left: 32 [Reserve Now]
18-Apr-2019 (Thu) Quota Left: 40 [Reserve Now]
23-Apr-2019 (Tue) Quota Left: 39 [Reserve Now]
24-Apr-2019 (Wed) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
25-Apr-2019 (Thu) Quota Left: 44 [Reserve Now]
26-Apr-2019 (Fri) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
29-Apr-2019 (Mon) Quota Left: 42 [Reserve Now]
30-Apr-2019 (Tue) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
02-May-2019 (Thu) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
03-May-2019 (Fri) Quota Left: 44 [Reserve Now]
06-May-2019 (Mon) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
07-May-2019 (Tue) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
08-May-2019 (Wed) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
09-May-2019 (Thu) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
10-May-2019 (Fri) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
14-May-2019 (Tue) Quota Left: 45 [Reserve Now]
15-May-2019 (Wed) Quota Left: 44 [Reserve Now]