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Class Information
Violin Duet - Senior
小提琴二重奏 - 高級組
Piece: Duo Concertante for Two Violins, Op 3 No 2 - 2nd movement: Andante con Variazioni, and 3rd movement: Allegro assai
Composer: Louis Spohr
Publication Name: Duets for 2 Violins, Op 3
Publisher: Edition Peters 1086a
Entry Fee: $210

Violin Duet - Intermediate
小提琴二重奏 - 中級組
Piece: Duet for Two Violins, Op 29 No 1 - 1st movement: Allegro vivace
Composer: Giovanni Battista Viotti
Publication Name: Three Duets for Two Violins, Op 29
Publisher: G Schirmer, Inc 518
Competition Requirement:
  • without repeats
    Entry Fee: $180

    Violin Duet - Junior
    小提琴二重奏 - 初級組
    Piece: Little Duet for Two Violins, Op 38 No 4 - 1st movement: Allegro moderato
    Composer: Jacques Féréol Mazas
    Publication Name: Twelve Little Duets for Two Violins, Book 1
    Publisher: G Schirmer, Inc ISBN: 9780793554508
    Competition Requirement:
  • without repeat
    Entry Fee: $180


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